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by Jeta Grove

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Copyright 2013 Jeta Grove


released April 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Jeta Grove Frisco, Texas

From the remains of Fallen Justice, former members Shawn Spray, Trevor Hicks, and Grant McGilberry are Jeta Grove. Going past the boundaries of Fallen Justice's punk and metal sound, we explore into the reaches of surf, post-punk, classic prog, and new wave. ... more

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Track Name: Groceries
evaporated milk,
Sour dough Bread,
What else do I need?

Provolone Cheese,
What else do I need?

I love getting groceries (x4)

I can't believe it's not butter,
Spotted dick...?
What else do I need?

Vanilla coke,
Jasmine tea,
What else do I need?

I love getting groceries! (x4)

"As I was at my house one day, I realized that I was rather hungry. So I went up to my cabinet and my fridge and I opened them up, and I tried to figure out if I had anything to eat! Surprisingly, it turns out that I did not. So, I thought of the one place where I can get ALL of my food needs; the grocery store! So I got in my car, and I went to the grocery store, and I had some... really nice music playing in the background, and it was, it was just fantastic! My shopping experience was just rather great. I went to the checkout line and I paid for my food, and I went home and I cooked it up, and I ate it, and it was rather fantastic. I sure am thankful for grocery stores, because without grocery stores, I don't think that I would ever eat, I would probably die, and dying is not very good, so thank you, grocery stores!"

I love getting groceries! (x4)
Track Name: Worst At What I Do Best
I'm worst at what I do best, it's something I can say
And I don't care about you, cuz you don't know my name
Day in and day out it's the same old fucking stare
I'd really like to say that I don't really care

I'm worst at what I do best, that's how you make me feel
I try to ignore this pain but it's just too real
You crush my confidence and therefore crush my soul
You make one wrong move and I swear I'll lose control

I'm worst at what I do best, I'm done hearing you out
And I don't know if you can hear me so I'm gunna shout
You're poisonous and I don't need this anymore
I'm done taking this, you'd better prepare for war